Trusted Authentication fails when redirect URL includes an incorrect port value / gateway.public.port is ignored on Tableau Server 2022.3

Published: 27 Jan 2023
Last Modified Date: 30 Jan 2023


Embedded dashboards using Trusted Authentication fail due to a redirect to a URL containing the wrong port for Tableau Server. The port should be 443 since Tableau Server url is https, but redirect URL instead shows "https://<tableau server>:8000" or some other port that is not 443.

This only presents when terminating SSL connections at the reverse proxy or load balancer. If external SSL is enabled on Tableau Server, then this problem will not occur.



  • Tableau Server 2022.3.0
  • Tableau Server 2022.3.1
  • Tableau Server 2022.3.2
  • SSL offload via reverse proxy



1. Rewrite proxy to drop the port.
2. Enable SSL on tableau server instead of offloading.


This issue is being investigated under Known Issue ID 1497643. 
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