Tableau Desktop Quits Unexpectedly When View Has No Map Layers but Map Data Layer Selected

Published: 06 Nov 2018
Last Modified Date: 17 Jan 2019


When creating a workbook in Tableau Desktop 2018.3, or opening a workbook created in an earlier version that:

  • Has no map layers selected
  • Has a data layer selected
Tableau Desktop 2018.3 will stop responding and require a force close, or close suddenly by itself.


Tableau Desktop 2018.3.0


Option 1:

Upgrade to Tableau Desktop 2018.3.1, or a newer version. For more information, see Upgrade Tableau Desktop and  Tableau Desktop Downloads and Release Notes.

Option 2:

Use one of the following workarounds.
  • When creating workbooks in 2018.3, use either one map layer (can set washout to 100% if want black background) prior to selecting a map data layer, or no data layers.
  • If the workbook was created in an earlier version, launch it in the original version it was created in, then edit the views that use map layers as described above.


This behavior is related to a known issue and was resolved in the 2018.3.1 release of Tableau Desktop, and all more recent versions.
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