Tableau Desktop License Usage Report is not sent to Tableau Server successfully

Published: 11 Jun 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


After configuring Tableau Desktop report as per online help page, the usage report is not being sent to Tableau Server.
The following error is output to Tableau Desktop log although the configured URL to Tableau Server is correct.

2020-06-04T11:11:44.932: 14424-e00 EXCP
excp-msg : Internet communication error: URL using bad/illegal format or missing URL
msg : HTTPRequestor: rethrow exception
excp-type : NetworkException


  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Desktop 


Remove the trailing slash for the Tableau Server URL.
For example, change from http://tableau/ to http://tableau.


There is a trailing slash included in the configured URL which caused Tableau Desktop treats it as illegal URL and License usage report is not sent.
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