Tableau Desktop launches incorrect version when opening workbooks from file browser

Published: 12 Aug 2018
Last Modified Date: 04 Jan 2019


When opening workbooks from a file browser/folder, Tableau Desktop may launch an unexpected version to open the workbook.
(Ex: Launching Tableau Desktop 10.3, when needing to use 2018.1)


  • Tableau Desktop


Option 1

Ensure that the most updated version of Tableau is also the most recently installed version. 
  1. Uninstall all existing versions of Tableau Desktop (Uninstalling Tableau Desktop)
  2. Download and install all desired versions in such an order, that the last version downloaded and installed, is the version that you would like Tableau Desktop to launch when opening related files (Tableau Releases).  
  • Example: You want to ensure that all Tableau files default to opening on 2018.1, AND you want Tableau Desktop 10.1, 10.3 and 2018.1 on your machine.  Install 2018.1 last. 
Option 2

If Option 1 does not work as expected, set your machine's default program (associated with Tableau file types) as the version that is desired:

For Windows Machines (Additional information: Changing which programs Windows uses by default by Microsoft)
  1. Navigate to Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Default Programs > Set Associations
  2.  Select desired file types from the list, and click Change Program
  3. Navigate to the desired version of Tableau, and select
For Mac Machines (Additional information: Setting default apps on Mac by
  1. Right-click on a Tableau file type
  2. Click Get Info
  3. Click Open With
  4. Click the drop-down to choose desired program
  5. Click Change All, then Continue if Finder asks to confirm


Tableau Desktop will default to the most recently downloaded and installed version when launching related files, even if it is older than the version in which the file was made. It is also possible that the machine cached information for a previous version can be kept as a default.
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