Tableau Desktop is not Recognizing the UNC Path on a Windows Mapped Drive

Published: 13 Sep 2019
Last Modified Date: 17 Sep 2019


When navigating to a network path with file open, Tableau Desktop does not recognize any UNC paths mapped in Windows.

Additionally, you may notice that the following behaviors might occur:

  • Double clicking a Tableau .twbx file, results in Tableau Desktop opening but the file does not open.
  • When all files are local to the computer, double clicking the Tableau .twbx file does not cause any issue and you are able to open the file.  



  • Tableau Desktop
  • Windows


Work with your IT Team to address this Windows management task in your company's environment. The below information from Microsoft's website has multiple solutions to resolve this behavior: Mapped drives are not available from an elevated prompt when UAC is configured to "Prompt for credentials" in Windows

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The Windows UAC access level prevents Tableau Desktop from seeing or accessing the files on the network drive.
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