Tableau Desktop Installation on 32bit OS

Published: 16 Oct 2018
Last Modified Date: 31 Jul 2019


Cannot install Tableau Desktop version 10.5 or newer if using 32-bit Windows operating system.


  • Tableau Desktop 10.5 or newer
  • Windows 7,10


Option 1

Upgrade the 32-bit operating system to a 64-bit one, then install Tableau Desktop version 10.5 or newer and take advantage of future Tableau features and more powerful processing.

Option 2:

If for some reason you must stay with a 32-bit operating systems, then install Tableau 10.4.x, which was the last version of Tableau Desktop, Tableau Reader, and Tableau Public to support 32-bit Windows operating systems.

Tableau Desktop 10.4.11 Download link


Starting with Tableau version 10.5, new versions of Tableau will only run on 64-bit operating systems.
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