Tableau Desktop Freezes When Using Crosstab to Excel Function With a Large Amount of Data

Published: 23 Aug 2023
Last Modified Date: 25 Aug 2023


Tableau Desktop freezes when exporting data with the Worksheet > Export > Crosstab to Excel function and using a very large data set.

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Generally, Tableau Desktop will not be responsive until Excel opens with the exported data. 

For small data in the view, it takes seconds to complete export and Tableau Desktop freezes for a short time.
But when the data is large in the view(e.g. 1 million rows of data), Tableau Desktop can freeze for over 1 hour.


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Publish the workbook to Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud and use the download function to download the crosstab data.

Download Views and Workbooks


Tableau Desktop stops functioning before the export process is complete when the time is excessive for Excel to build the file.
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