Tableau Desktop Does Not Launch After Configuring Redirection of User Shell Folders

Published: 26 Aug 2021
Last Modified Date: 26 Aug 2021


After setting up user shell folder redirection in the Windows registry, Tableau Desktop does not launch successfully after the shortcut is double-clicked. The Tableau Desktop process is visible in Task Manager and no error message appears.

Additionally, the following error appears in the Tableau Desktop logs:
This license was made for a different computer.


  • Tableau Desktop 
  • Windows


  1. In Task Manager, ensure that tableau.exe is not running.
  2. From the Windows Start menu, open services.msc.
  3. Stop the FlexNet Licensing Service 64 service.
  4. In File Explorer, navigate to C:\ProgramData and rename the FLEXnet subfolder (e.g. FLEXnet_old).
  5. Try to start Tableau Desktop.
  6. If Tableau Desktop does not launch, check the Services dialog to see whether the FlexNet Licensing Service 64 service is running.
  7. If the FlexNet Licensing Service 64 service is not running, start the service.
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