Tableau Desktop Displays Blank Dialogs on Mac OS

Published: 27 May 2021
Last Modified Date: 28 May 2021


When invoking certain dialogs in Tableau Desktop on Mac OS, certain dialogs/pop-ups may appear blank. 


  • Tableau Desktop 2021.1.0 and associated maintenance releases
  • Mac OSX (Other)


To work around these issues, please consider downgrading to an earlier version of Tableau Desktop. The following versions can be considered:
  • 2020.4.0 to 2020.4.1
  • 2020.3.0 to 2020.3.5
  • 2020.2.0 to 2020.2.6
  • 2020.1.any release
  • 2019.4.any release
  • 2019.3.any release
  • 2019.2.any release
  • 2019.1.any release
Additional workarounds have been discussed in the following Tableau Community Forums: 


The behavior occurring is a known issue that Tableau development team is working to resolve in an upcoming release of Tableau Desktop. 
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