Tableau Desktop Closes Unexpectedly When Printing

Published: 14 Mar 2017
Last Modified Date: 13 Jun 2017


When using the File > Print selection from the toolbar, Tableau Desktop unexpectedly closes regardless of the print option.

However you are able to print to PDF or export to other formats.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Windows 10
  • HP Printer/Driver present


Work with your IT team to try one of the following steps:
  1. Use a different HP printer driver.
  2. Re-install the printer by adding it via "Devices and Printers" in the control panel.
  3. Install the driver for "traditional mode" (instead of "dynamic mode"), which is done via Devices and Printers.


This is specifically due to a conflict with the hpc6r190.dll file, which is associated with the HP Universal PCL 6 Driver. It will cause 64bit versions of Tableau Desktop to stop unexpectedly, whereas a 32bit version of Tableau Desktop will cause the printer driver to stop unexpectedly instead.

Additional Information

The HP Universal Print PCL 6 Driver works on other versions of Windows (8, 7) without causing Tableau Desktop to stop unexpectedly.
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