Tableau Desktop Activation Breaks Repeatedly on Persistent Virtual Machine

Published: 10 Sep 2020
Last Modified Date: 09 Jun 2022


Activation becomes broken intermittently (**BROKEN** HOST Trust Flags in Licensing Information) on a persistent virtual machine causing the need to re-activate the software.  The re-activation often will fail.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Prep
  • Windows
  • Legacy Flexera activation method


Option 1

Change to use LBLM activation.

Option 2

Only use Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Builder 2022.1 (or newer) on the same computer. That is to say, do not user older versions of Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Builder on the same computer.


An older version of FlexNet executables (e.g. are being used with the FlexNet license service  This can happen when multiple versions of the product are installed on the same VM that are using different FlexNet versions.
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