Tableau Cloud Subscription Failing with Error "Failed to perform data condition evaluation"

Published: 03 Oct 2019
Last Modified Date: 08 Jun 2022


In Tableau Cloud Subscriptions intermittently fail with error "Failed to perform data condition evaluation"

User(s) do not have permission to access datasource.

FederatedDataSourceException (type=NoPermission): DataServiceFailure
There was an error with the data source
<data source> 
Verify that the data source is configured correctly.


  • Tableau Cloud 2019.3
  • View that uses a live connection to a data source


Please review the data source for the view that Subscription is connecting to and confirm it is able to successfully connect. 

1. Ensure users have View and Connect permissions to the data source. And Download Image/PDF permission to the workbook.

2. If the root cause of the issue is too many connections to the data source, consider spacing out the number of subscription tasks or scheduling them at times of the day that traffic to the data source may be lower. Alternatively work with your database administrator to allow increased connections to the data source

For additional information see our Help Guide: Troubleshoot Subscriptions


There are multiple potential causes for this error including:
  • Too many connections to the data source preventing the subscription from connecting to the datasource
  • The user does not have all the correct permissions to the data source or workbook.
  • Missing password or invalid credentials in Tableau to connect to the data source.
  • The data source is not accessible at the time the subscription task executed.
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