Tableau Cloud site admin unable to open a workbook connected to a published excel data source due to error LayeredProtocol::LayeredProtocol: Missing attribute

Published: 29 Oct 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jun 2022


Error unable to proceed because of an error from the data source when opening a workbook in Tableau Cloud


  • Tableau Cloud 2020.3.2
  • Windows 10


To solve the issue follow the steps below:
  • Add a new site admin user to Tableau Cloud
  • Using the new site admin user transfer the content from the affected user to the newly created site admin user
  • Delete the affected user from Tableau Cloud
  • Request to the affected user to login to Tableau Cloud ( Invalid username/password error message should be displayed)
  • Add the affected user again to Tableau Cloud
  • Request the affected user to open the Tableau Cloud invitation email and click in sign in
  • In Tableau Cloud try to open the content and the error message should not be seen.
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