Tableau Cloud "Error: Unexpected object: DataCloud" Received Connecting to Salesforce Data Cloud

Published: 07 Feb 2024
Last Modified Date: 09 Feb 2024


If Tableau Desktop is running 2023.3 or earlier and using Tableau Cloud to connect to a Salesforce Data Cloud object, the following error can occur:
  Error: Unexpected object: DataCloud


  • Tableau Cloud Feb 2024 and later with a Data Management license
  • Tableau Desktop 2023.3 or earlier


There are two possible workarounds:
  • If there is a published data source that connects to the Data Cloud object, use the published data source instead.
  • Instead of connecting to the existing Data Cloud object that appears in the Search for Data window, make a new connection to the Data Cloud object.  


Tableau Desktop versions 2023.3 and earlier do not recognize the DataCloud database type introduced in February 2024.
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