Tableau Cloud Error "Page unavailable" And Content Missing After Moving Content and Deleting Original Project

Published: 02 Mar 2023
Last Modified Date: 08 Mar 2023


When moving content created before 02/20/2023 from one project to another and then deleting the original project, the content disappears from the site or it still exists but when attempting to view the content the following message is displayed:

Page unavailable/The content you are looking for doesn't exist./ Explore other content


  • Tableau Cloud
  • Content created before 02/20/2023


If content was created before 2/20/2023 and lost before the update on 3/2/2023, please file a support case including:
  • The name of the content/project that needs to be recovered
  • The date and time the content was moved 
  • The original project that was deleted
  • Tableau Cloud Site name


This issue has been resolved on 3/2/2023 under Release Note ID 1503109.

Additional Information

Please Note: After content recovery is processed by Tableau Technical Support, custom views and subscriptions will need to be recreated.

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