Table Calculation Becomes Invalid or Returns Unexpected Results After Adding or Removing Dimension to View

Published: 12 Jul 2018
Last Modified Date: 12 Sep 2019


After adding or removing a dimension to a view, then a table calculation returns unexpected results, or turns red and becomes invalid.
Mousing over the invalid red field displays the below error:
The table calculation for {calculation} requires a field that is missing. Please add the missing field to the view.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Table calculations


Option 1 - Resolving an invalid table calculation.

  1. Right-click the red table calculation field in the view and select Edit Table Calculation
  2. In the Table Calculation dialog, uncheck the red dimension in the list of Specific Dimension
Note: Depending the table calculation, the dimension may be necessary to compute the table calculation correctly. In this case, the dimension cannot be removed from the view, but it's possible to modify the view to look like the dimension has been removed. For more information, please see Computing a Table Calculation by a Dimension Not Present in the View.

Option 2 - Resolving table calculation returning unexpected results

Toresolve the table calculation returning unexpected results after adding an additional dimension to the view, there are two options:
  • Add additional dimensions with an aggregation
    1. Add the dimension to the view
    2. Right-click the dimension and select Measure > Minimum
  • Or, change which dimensions are used to address the table calculation.
Depending on how the view is built and exactly what values the table calculation should return, the correct Compute Using settings will vary. For more information on how the Compute Using settings change the output of a table calculation, please see Transform Values with Table Calculations


Every non-aggregated dimension in the view is used is to either partition or address the table calculation. Adding or removing dimensions will change the level of detail that the table calculation is computed at.
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