tabadmin reset is not available in Tableau Server for Linux

Published: 10 Jan 2018
Last Modified Date: 19 Apr 2018


There is no equivalent to tabadmin reset in the first release of Tableau Server for Linux.


Tableau Server for Linux 10.5


If this is a fresh installation with no data to restore, the fastest resolution may be to run the obliterate script and start the installation over. 

Alternately, contact Tableau Technical Support for assistance resetting the password.


This functionality was not implemented in Tableau Server for Linux 10.5, but will be added in a future release.

Additional Information

If you used a special character in your password without escaping it or surrounding it in single quotes, the password may have been set to the initial part of that password up until the special password.

For example, if the password was set to Pa$$word, using "Pa" may succeed.

See The Linux Documentation Project's information on escaping special characters for more information. 
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