[System error: null] Occurs When Pivot from [Rows to Columns] in Tableau Prep

Published: 19 Jan 2022
Last Modified Date: 23 Jan 2022


[System error: null] when pivoting from [Rows to Columns] in Tableau Prep like the image below.

User-added image

The expected output should be:

User-added image


  • Tableau Prep Builder 2021.4.3
  • Tableau Prep Builder 2021.3.3


Please consider the following workarounds to avoid this issue.

Option 1:

Use Tableau Prep Builder 2021.2.3.

Option 2: 

Add a third column before the Pivot step and the Pivot step should work as expected.
User-added image

User-added image

Also, check the attached Flow file for details.


This issue is still under investigation by ISSUE ID: 1363806

Additional Information

This issue only happened when there are only 2 columns and using [Rows to Columns].
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