Subscription Emails Are Not Sent for Large Workbooks

Published: 25 Jun 2018
Last Modified Date: 07 Sep 2020


Email subscription for a complete workbook is not received, but subscription for one view is successful.


  • Tableau Online


As a workaround, try one of the following options:

Option 1

Split up the workbook into two separate, smaller workbooks. Users can then subscribe to both workbooks and receive the images in two smaller emails.

Option 2

Instead of using the built-in subscription email feature, use the "tabcmd" functionality to export a full PDF of the workbook and then email the PDF to the desired list of recipients using the mail program of your choice. This can be scripted to run automatically using Windows Task Scheduler. For an example, see the following Knowledge Base article: Tabcmd for Generating a PDF of a Tableau View and Emailing

Note that the example in the above article is written using "tabcmd get" to fetch just one view from the workbook. If you want to include all of the views in a workbook, use "tabcmd export" instead. Here's an example:

tabcmd export "AnalyzeSuperstore/Overview" --fullpdf -f "PDFexport.pdf"

"AnalyzeSuperstore" is the workbook name and "Overview" is the name of one of the views. Even though you're exporting the whole workbook, you still need to include the name of one of the views here for the command to work.

For more information about tabcmd, especially "tabcmd export", see: tabcmd Commandsexport in Tableau Help. 



The mail servers used by Tableau Online's subscription service have an outgoing message cap of 10MB per message. If the image files for a full workbook result in a mail message larger than 10MB, the mail message is not sent.
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