Subscribing to a Story Point Results in a Subscription Screenshot of a Different Point

Published: 06 Apr 2016
Last Modified Date: 13 Sep 2016


When subscribing to a story point, the snapshot of the subscription shows a different story point.


Tableau Server 


Option 1

Select the story point you would like to subscribe to, and create a Custom View before subscribing.

Option 2

Publish the underlying sheet or dashboard for the story point(s) and subscribe to the underlying source instead.


  • The default story point is the point that is selected upon publish to Tableau Server.
  • The selection of alternate story points is treated like a mark selection event. In other words, in selecting a different point, you have changed the view. Since the view has changed, it is altered from the original state, but that change is not yet saved. Therefore, when you select a different point and then subscribe, you are actually subscribing to the original view, which will show the original story point selection.
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