Strings from Exasol are truncated in Tableau Desktop

Published: 17 Sep 2018
Last Modified Date: 22 Feb 2019


When viewing an Exasol string field which has a size of 131072 or more, the length of the string is truncated to 15.


  • Tableau Desktop 2018.3 and earlier versions
  • EXASolution


Option 1: 

Upgrade to Tableau Desktop 2019.1 or a newer version. Click here for downloads of current and previous versions of Tableau Desktop: Tableau Desktop Downloads and Release Notes.  For more information on current releases, see Upgrade Tableau Desktop and Desktop Upgrade.

Option 2: 

Use one of the following workarounds.
  • Update the size of string field in the Exasol database so that it has a size of 131071 or less.
  • Use the attached .tdc file to modify the connection to the Exasol database so the strings are no longer truncated in Tableau Desktop. See the following Online Help page on making customizations global with a .tdc file for more information.


This behavior is related to a known issue with ID 812492 which has been corrected in Tableau Desktop 2019.1.
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