Story Point Shows Incorrect Parameter Values when Downloading to PDF

Published: 13 Sep 2018
Last Modified Date: 22 May 2019


When downloading a Story from Tableau Server to PDF, the story points do not show the correct parameter values in the story title or content.


  • Tableau Server 2018.1 - 2018.2.1
  • Tableau Server 10.5..x
  • Windows
  • MySQL


Option 1

Upgrade to Tableau Server 2019.2 or a newer version. See  Tableau Server Downloads and Release Notes for downloads of current and previous versions of Tableau Server: 
For more information on current releases, see Upgrade Tableau Server and Server Upgrade.

Option 2

As a workaround, add ".pdf" at the end of the URL.

If your url is: http://<server address>#/site/<site name>/<project>/<workbook>/<view>
add .pdf at the end to create:
http://<server address>#/site/<site name>/<project>/<workbook>/<view>.pdf

Adding ".pdf" at the end of the URL will generate a PDF directly in your browser.


This issue (ID: 818610) has been fixed in a recent release of Tableau Server.
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