Stored Procedures and Table Functions are Missing When Connecting to Oracle

Published: 15 Dec 2017
Last Modified Date: 25 May 2018


When connecting to an Oracle data source in Tableau Desktop, Stored Procedures and Table Functions are missing.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Oracle


  • It is currently not possible to use a Stored Procedure from an Oracle datasource in Tableau Desktop, but a Table Function can be used instead of a Stored Procedure.
  • For a Table Function to be displayed under the 'stored procedures' section in Tableau Desktop:
    • the Oracle user whose credentials are being used to connect must also have permissions to access the Table Function,
    • the function must not be created in the SYS schema.


A stored procedure does not return data in a format compatible with Tableau, where a Table Function does. Oracle users must be given permission to Table Functions just like to regular databases.
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