Stale Data Displays When Loading a Published Workbook That Connects to a Live Data Source

Published: 13 Apr 2019
Last Modified Date: 04 Feb 2022


When viewing a workbook on Tableau Online that uses a live connection, stale data is displayed until the refresh button on the view is selected.


  • Tableau Online
  • Live connections


Use one of the below workaround options: 

Option 1 
Adjust the workbooks data freshness policy to Always live or using the alternative options to meet your needs. See Set a Data Freshness Policy for more information.

Option 2 
Select the Refresh button on the views toolbar. 

Option 3 
Append ?:refresh=y to the URL of the view.
For example: http://servername/views/workbookname/dashboard1?:refresh=y 

Option 4 
Embed the view into a web page with the ?:refresh=yes parameter. See Embed Views into Webpages and Embed Code Parameters for Views for more information.


To improve performance, Tableau caches data so subsequent visits can reuse and return that cached data faster. 

Additional Information

The data freshness policy option is not available for file-based data sources, including hyper files generated from Prep Flows.
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