Specified Product Key Not Found Using Server ATR

Published: 25 Mar 2021
Last Modified Date: 26 Mar 2021


When a licensing key is maximum activated and the activation method is using Tableau Server ATR, the error displays
"Specified product key not found." 


Tableau Server 2021.1
ATR Service


Contact Tableau Technical Support.
See the additional details below to provide the required license data files.

Additional Information

If there is a combination of ATR and non-ATR Tableau Server installations and the maximum activation has been reached, please provide Tableau Technical Support, the license data file from the Tableau Server installs using all methods of activation.  

The ATR activation method will have no license data stored on the Tableau Server machine but the ATRDIAG tool output will be needed.  Steps to collect both the non-ATR and ATR license data is available in this KB article: Providing License Data to Tableau Support
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