Unable to Use Special Characters in URL Parameters

Published: 12 Apr 2013
Last Modified Date: 30 Nov 2019


When you try to use special characters in URL parameters, the URL parameter might not do anything, or an error might occur.


  • Tableau Server
  • URL parameters


Use one of the following workarounds:
  • Replace the special character with the URL encoding sequence for backslash (\) (%5c) followed by the URL encoding sequence for the special character. The backslash is needed to escape the special character. For example, the URL encoding sequence for backslash and comma (\,) is %5c%2c. For more information, see Add Filters to Embed Code.
  • In the data source, separate comma-delimited field values into separate columns that can be filtered independently.
  • In Tableau Desktop, use a calculated field to replace the special characters, such as commas or spaces, with hyphens (-).


The browser cannot parse the special characters used in the URL.
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