Spaces at the End of Workbook Name Trimmed in Tableau Server Display Name

Published: 23 Apr 2017
Last Modified Date: 16 Aug 2017


When you publish a workbook with spaces at the end of its name, for example, workbook  .twb",  Tableau Server displays the workbook name without the additional spaces, for example, "workbook". 



  • Tableau Server 


Use one of the following methods to determine the original workbook name. 

 Option 1: Workbook property dialog

On the workbook page, click workbook name (display as "…")  and choose "Tags" (or "Revision History").
A workbook property dialog displays the workbook name including spaces. 

 Option 2: Download the workbook

Download the affected workbook. Downloaded workbook has the original workbook name. 


This behavior is by design. As the Tableau Server workbook display name is meant for readability, excess ending spaces are trimmed. 

Additional Information

Tableau Server repository stores the original workbook name. When running tabcmd commands using the workbook name, you will need to use the original workbook name, spaces and all. 
tabcmd refreshextracts --project "ProjectName" --workbook "workbook  " (Success)
tabcmd refreshextracts --project "ProjectName" --workbook "workbook"  (Fail) 
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