Unexpected Results When Sorting a View Filtered on a Blended Dimension

Published: 05 Jun 2018
Last Modified Date: 07 Jan 2019


Unexpected results when sorting a view filtered on a blended dimension.


  • Tableau Desktop 10.5.3
  • MS SQL Server
  • Windows 10


Follow the steps below:
  1. Create or use an existing view where the dimension filter comes from the primary data source.
  2. From the view mentioned in Step 1, right-click the pill for the dimension filter on the Filters shelf, and click Apply to Worksheets > Selected Worksheets, and select the worksheet with the blend (or select All Using This Data Source)
  3. Right-click the pill for the dimension filter again, and click Add to Context
  4. Return to the worksheet with the blend.


Tableau performs sorting before evaluating blended dimension filters. Thus, sorting may not correspond to the values displaying in the view. Changing the blended dimension filter to a context filter causes it to be evaluated before sorting in Tableau's Order of Operations.

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