Error "Sorry this web browser is not approved at your company" Trying to Sign In to Tableau Cloud from Tableau Desktop

Published: 09 Mar 2023
Last Modified Date: 12 Dec 2023


In some cases, certain security programs may block the sign-in from Tableau Desktop to Tableau Cloud, resulting in the following error message:

Sorry, this web browser is not approved at our company.

Not allow to use the browser: Google Chrome(xx.x)


  • Tableau Cloud
  • Tableau Desktop


To resolve this issue, we recommend consulting with the security team responsible for managing the security tool(s) in use to unblock the use of Chromium.  Some security software may need to be adjusted if there is a block on older versions of Chromium-based browsers. 

To voice your support for allowing any external browser (including the system's default browser) to complete the Sign-In for Tableau Cloud from Tableau Desktop, please vote on the Community Idea for this functionality. 


Some security tools may block the internal browser (based on Chromium) in Tableau Desktop or specific versions of Chromium, which can prevent successful sign-on to Tableau Cloud.  Tableau Desktop uses QT WebEngine, a browser based on Chromium, as it's internal browser.
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