Some Unicode Characters Render Incorrectly

Published: 31 Jul 2019
Last Modified Date: 01 Aug 2019


When creating a string of unicode characters all above U+10000, then the last mark will render as a ? in a diamond in the mark on the view.


  • Tableau Desktop 2019.1.0-2019.1.6 and 2019.2.0-2019.2.2
  • Tableau Server 2019.1.0-2019.1.6 and 2019.2.0-2019.2.2


Option 1

Upgrade to Tableau Desktop or Tableau Server 2019.1.7, 2019.2.3 or later

Option 2

If upgrading is not an option, then including a unicode character below U+10000 in the string will resolve the issue. For example, adding Braille Pattern Blank, which renders as white space on most computers, to the end of the string.


This is a known issue, issue number 893817, that has been fixed in a later version
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