Some flows can not be displayed in the list when using "Insert Flow" function on Tableau Server

Published: 13 Aug 2022
Last Modified Date: 15 Aug 2022


When trying to insert some flows into another new flow, on Tableau Prep Builder, when clicking [Edit]->[Insert Flow]->[Tableau Server], then select "All Flows" as the Flow Type, you can see all possible flows.

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However, on Tableau Server, the flows with packaged data files are not displayed when performing the similar operation like click [File]->[Edit]->[Insert Flow], then select "All Flows" as the Flow Type.

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  • Tableau Server


Modify the input steps of these flows from using embedded files to using files via network directory as a workaround.



This behavior is by design. Input steps with embedded file is not supported for this operation. 
Copy steps, actions and fields
Note: Reusable flow steps can't be created on the web, but you can use them in your web flows. Reusable steps that include file-based input steps are not yet supported on the web.
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