Slow Tableau Server Performance When Using Internet Explorer 11 (Specific to Update KB4036586)

Published: 16 Oct 2017
Last Modified Date: 04 Nov 2019


When viewing or interacting with a view published on Tableau Server 10 (or a higher version) on Internet Explorer 11 (version 11.09600.18792), you experience slow performance and long loading times (for example, more than 20 seconds).

Additionally, you notice that the slow performance has started since the installation of the Microsoft security update KB4036586.


  • Tableau Server 10 and higher versions
  • Internet Explorer 11 (11.09600.18792)  with Microsoft security update KB4036586
  • Symantec EndPoint Protection


Option 1

If you have Symantec EndPoint Protection installed on your computer, work with your IT team to perform one of the steps below in order to understand if you are impacted by a specific Symantec issue:
  1. Disable the Symantec browser intrusion detection option
  2. Log into the operating system in safe mode networking
  3. Disable script debugging in the Internet Explorer option (under advanced options) 
More information about this specific issue can be found in the Symantec Knowledge Base: Delayed opening of Internet Explorer pages after September 29 CIDS definitions update.

Option 2

The following workarounds are available; however note that they should be approved and/or only performed by your IT team:
  • Use a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox.
  • (Not recommended) Uninstall the Microsoft security patch.
For more information about this specific Microsoft update, see Microsoft Security Update - KB4036586 in the Microsoft Knowledge Base. 

Additional Information

Additional environment information:  
  • Only Internet Explorer is affected by this issue.
  • Tableau Server 9 and earlier are not affected by this patch. 
  • Symantec EndPoint Protection is installed on your computer.

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