Show Only a Subset of the Legend Items in the Legend Card

Published: 14 Sep 2022
Last Modified Date: 15 Sep 2022


Unable to show only some of the legend items in a visualization

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  • Tableau Desktop 2021.4 and newer



Build a full data worksheet and a filtered data worksheet and then combine them in a dashboard.
  1. Build a normal pie chart in a worksheet and name the sheet Full Pie.
  2. Create a calculated field Total income: TOTAL(SUM([Income]))
  3. Create a calculated field test: SUM({ FIXED [Region]:SUM([Income])}) / [Total income]User-added image
  4. Duplicate the worksheet Full Pie as Custom Pie.
  5. Drag test to the filter. Set whatever range desired.
  6. Create a dashboard Combined Chart.
  7. Drag Full Pie and Custom Pie to the dashboard.
  8. Remove the legend from Full Pie and keep the legend from Custom Pie.
  9. Float Custom Pie and minimize it somewhere in the dashboard. User-added image


The ability to select a subset of the legend items to display in a dashboard is not currently built into the product. 
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