Show More Than 20 Colors in Edit Color Dialog

Published: 07 May 2015
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


In the Edit Color dialog, only the first 20 colors in a palette appear.
  1. In the Color Legend, select the drop-down in the upper-right hand corner
  2. Select Edit Colors
  3. In the pop-up dialog only 20 colors will appear in the color palette, even if there are over 20 available colors in the palette


  • Tableau Desktop


Option 1. Split the Palette
Split the color palette into multiple custom color palettes of no more than 20 colors 
        <color-palette name="My Categorical Palette 1" type="regular">
        <color>#7099a5</color> ....
       <color-palette name="My Categorical Palette 2" type="regular">
        <color>#FFFAFA</color> ....

See the article on Creating Custom Color Palettes

Option 2. Auto-Assign the palette
While only 20 colors may appear, all colors exist in the palette and will be assigned when using the Assign Palette option in the Edit Colors dialog.


By design, Tableau will not show more than 20 colors in the edit colors dialog.
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