Sheet Selector Not Behaving As Expected

Published: 24 Mar 2015
Last Modified Date: 07 May 2018


When trying to create a sheet selector, sheets do not switch as expected.


Tableau Desktop


Try one of the following:
  • Ensure that all sheets meant to be switched out are in the same layout container.
  • Ensure that all sheets meant to be switched out are tiled rather than floating.
  • Create a dummy dimension set to a value of 1, drag it on to Rows and/or Columns, and deselect Show Header.
  • When assembling the dashboard, use the Fit Selector to size each pane as desired, rather than adjusting them manually via drag and drop.
  • Ensure that the layout container is not set to "Distribute Evenly". See the "Evenly distribute a layout container's items" section of Size and Lay Out Your Dashboard for how to this setting on and off


The issue might be caused by one or more of the following root causes: 
  • Worksheets are not in the same layout container.
  • The view may have been constructed in such a way that empty column and/or row headers persist when one or both views are nulled out. 
  • If there are no dimensions in columns or rows, filtered views still retain their 'blank' space. If there are dimensions, the filtered view will be completely filtered (gray background).
  • At some point when the dashboard was being assembled, worksheet panes were manually resized, preventing the "switching" effect from properly occurring.
  • The layout container is set to "Distribute Evenly" which will distribute the space evenly among all views even if they are filtered to show nothing.
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