SharePoint List Extract Refresh Fails with 401 Unauthorized Error

Published: 07 Jun 2018
Last Modified Date: 07 Jan 2019


When refreshing a SharePoint List extract created with Integrated Authentication specified in the data connection, the refresh fails. Background Tasks for Extracts report shows an error of:

"401 Unauthorized."


  • Tableau Server 10.4.3
  • Windows 8
  • SharePoint Lists
  • Integrated Authentication


Give the Tableau Server Run As User account access to the SharePoint List used by the extract.


Use "username and password" to connect to the SharePoint List, and ensure that users has access to the SharePoint List.


When Integrated Authentication is specified for connection to a data source, Tableau Server uses the Run As User account to perform extract refreshes for extracts from that data source. The Run As User account must therefore have permission to access that data source.
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