Share Link URL Shows Internal Server Name and Wrong Protocol on Tableau Server

Published: 02 Jun 2023
Last Modified Date: 02 Jun 2023


The share link URL shows an internal server name instead of the public Tableau Server URL. The internal server name does not work and shows below error:

This site can't be reached
<internalservername>'s server IP address could not be found

The protocol in the URL is not correct (for instance http is displayed in the URL instead of https).  If the correct protocol is not shown in the URL, even with correct public Tableau Server in URL, the below error occurs:

Failed to connect
The destination <externalservername> is not reachable.
Contact your IT administrator with the following error:
Connection timed out


  • Tableau Server 2022.3


  • Set the to the external Tableau Server url. If Tableau Server is configured to work with a proxy server or external load balancer, it is the name entered in a browser address bar to reach Tableau Server.
  • Set the gateway.public.port to the external port that server listens on. The default value is 80.
tsm configuration set -k -v "<external.server.url>"
tsm configuration set -k gateway.public.port -v <externalPort>
tsm pending-changes apply

For example, if Tableau Server is reached by entering, the name for is
tsm configuration set -k -v ""

If Tableau Server is configured with SSL, set gateway.public.port to 443.
tsm configuration set -k gateway.public.port -v 443

If the pending changes requires a server restart, the pending-changes apply command will display a prompt to let you know a restart will occur.


  • The was set to an internal server name instead of an external url.
  • The gateway.public.port was set to default port (80) instead of 443, for SSL.
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