Set a URL Action by Hovering over an Image Object

Published: 08 Sep 2022
Last Modified Date: 10 Sep 2022


Unable to open a URL by hovering on an image object added to a dashboard.  Currently, clicking on the image object must be performed to trigger a URL action. 


  • Tableau Desktop



1. Create a new worksheet named CustomShape to insert the original image as a custom shape.
1. Create a calculated field named Text Holder with formula, "TextHolder".
2. Drag Text Holder to Rows and hide the header of this item.
3. Select Shape from the Marks card pull-down list.
4. Add the image prepared as a custom shape.  See the help on adding a custom shape.
5. Change the view to show the entire view by opening the drop-down menu for the selected sheet and select Fit > Entire View.

2. Add the worksheet created in Step 1 to a dashboard and make it to look like an image object by hiding the title of the worksheet.

3. Set a URL action on the dashboard to enable opening a new URL by selecting the source sheet CustomShape, run action on Hover and enter the desired URL.

See the attached sample.twbx and steps-video.mp4 video for more details.


The ability to trigger a URL action by hovering over an image object is not currently built into the product.
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