Server Upgrade to 2022.3 Requires 64GB Minimum Memory on Additional Nodes Instead of 16GB

Published: 05 Jan 2023
Last Modified Date: 05 Jan 2023


When upgrading an additional node of a Tableau Server cluster to version 2022.3.0, 2022.3.1, or 2022.3.2, the installer enforces a 64GB RAM minimum instead of the correct and documented 16GB RAM minimum.

Installer displays an error message:

Your system does NOT meet the minimum system requires for Tableau Server. Tableau Sever requires these minimum hardware requires, Please try the install on a different computer. 
System memory (in gigabytes): actual = <value>, minimum required = 64.0
Other resources found: 
<System memory>
Tableau Server will not be installed. Click OK to exit.


  • Tableau Server for Windows
  • Cluster configuration with additional node(s) with less than 64GB of RAM
  • Upgrading to Tableau Server maintenance releases 2022.3.0, 2022.3.1, or 2022.3.2


Upcoming maintenance release of Tableau Server will have a fix for issue ID 1491266. 

As a possible workaround for installing on virtual machines, temporarily increase the memory allocation for the additional nodes to 64GB in order to execute the upgrade, then restore the memory allocation to its previous value,  


This issue is being investigated under Known Issue ID 1491266.

Additional Information

As of version 2022.3, Tableau Server requires at least 64GB of RAM to run in a single node configuration, and requires at least one node with 64GB of RAM in a cluster. In 2022.1, the minimum enforced was 16GB on all nodes. With 2022.3, the minimum for the initial node was raised to 64GB while additional nodes still only require 16GB. This defect inadvertently applied the initial node minimum to additional nodes in an upgrade.

It is still allowed to have additional clusters in a node with less RAM (minimum 16GB RAM) in order to support additional instances of certain processes, such as backgrounders. This defect inadvertently applies the single-node minimum to additional nodes during an upgrade scenario.
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