Sending Large Tableau Server Logs Consistently Fails within Approximately 10-16 Minutes

Published: 21 Oct 2021
Last Modified Date: 01 Nov 2021


When running the command, tsm maintenance send-logs, to send a Tableau Server logs set that is greater than 70GB, the logs set is not sent and the following message appears in the command prompt: 

Failed due to unexpected error: 'RuntimeException'.

   Also note:
    The error is returned within approximately 10-16 minutes of running the tsm command to send the large logs set.
    Smaller logs sets from the same Tableau Server are sent with no issue using the tsm maintenance send-logs command.
    Insufficient disk space already was ruled out as a potential issue for the failure sending any of the larger logs sets.



  • Tableau Server 2020.4.6
  • Windows Server 2016


To work around this issue in the meantime when it is necessary to send a large Tableau Server logs set to Tableau Support, please use Option 2 described at the article, Sending Large Files to Tableau Support, where the secure file transfer system, Egnyte, may be used with a more manual process of zipping and uploading the logs files.
If interested, consider using 7zip command-line, which is outside of and not part of Tableau, to run your own script to: run ziplogs; send to 7zip and split into sections under the limit; place the sections in the send-logs directory; run send-logs. 


This issue is being reviewed by the product management team.

Additional Information

In the tabcrashreporter logs file from the Tableau Server logs generated during an instance of this particular issue sending a large Tableau Server logs set by tsm command, the following appears: Call to EVP_EncryptUpdate failed!
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