SAP BW Connection is Blank or is Missing Expected Connection Entries

Published: 21 Jul 2015
Last Modified Date: 14 Jan 2020


When connecting to SAP BW from Tableau Desktop, connection entries present in the saplogon.ini file do not display or are missing in the SAP BW connection dialog box in Tableau Desktop.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse


Option 1

This issue can occur when Tableau is unable to determine the correct location of the saplogon.ini file. To resolve this issue, add or verify a system environment variable on the machine running Tableau called SAPLOGON_INI_FILE that points to the correct location of the file. Alternatively, you can copy the saplogon.ini file to the C:\Windows directory.

Option 2

Review the formatting of the saplogon.ini file. Under the [Description] section, check for blank/missing entries. Remove any blank entries (ie: 'Item1=') and ensure that the remaining Item entries are numerically sequential, renaming the connections to start at 'Item1' (ie, 'Item1=SAP BW Development System').



Tableau Desktop stops importing the SAP BW connection entries upon hitting the blank entry. This can result in either blank or incomplete SAP BW connection information in Tableau Desktop.
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