SAML Error "Our entity is not the intended audience of the assertion"

Published: 28 Oct 2015
Last Modified Date: 08 Mar 2017


When accessing Tableau Server with SAML authentication, SAML authentication fails with the message "SAML Authentication Failed, please contact the administrator." and the following is seen in the Vizportal debug logs:

Our entity is not the intended audience of the assertion


  • Tableau Server 9.0.5
  • Server 2012 R2 Standard


Have the customer work with their IdP team to make sure the value in the Audience XML tag matches the Entity ID of Tableau Server


The URL within the <AudienceRestriction><Audience>https://tableaudev.tsi.lan</Audience></AudienceRestriction> does not match the Entity ID configured on the SAML tab of the Configure Tableau Server utility.
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