SAML Authentication Screen Reappears after First Login Attempt and Then Fails to Authenticate on a Second Attempt in Tableau Desktop

Published: 04 Jun 2014
Last Modified Date: 27 Feb 2017


After setting up SAML authentication on Tableau Server, first attempt to login in Tableau Desktop appears to be successful, but SAML authentication screen reappears right away. Second attempt to provide credentials fails with error message similar to:
Username or password incorrect.
SAML authentication through browser in Tableau Server works fine.


  • Tableau Server 8.1
  • Tableau Desktop 8.1


  1. Open Tableau Desktop
  2. Select Server -> Sign In
  3. Change "Server" parameter to the incorrect server name and press Connect
  4. Wait until error message occurs and press OK
  5. Correct "Server" parameter to the right value and Connect again
  6. Login as usual


(Looks like) Tableau Desktop cached login parameters from before SAML was implemented and thus SAML authentication fails. Following steps above forces Tableau Desktop to re-read authentication details from Tableau Server.
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