Salesforce Fields Do Not Appear As Expected

Published: 24 Jan 2015
Last Modified Date: 18 Dec 2018


When connecting to a table in Tableau Desktop, expected fields might not appear.


  • Tableau Desktop


Depending on the specific field and object, the issue may be resolved in one or all of the following ways: 

Option 1

Create a connection to the correct table, where the desired fields are located. This might require using a join or creating a custom connection. For more information, see Connecting to Salesforce Data Source.

Option 2

If the field type is defined as a formula in, it will not import due to limitations with the Salesforce API. You must connect to all of the tables that contain the fields in the formula and use that data to create a calculated field.

Option 3

If the field is defined as a Long Text Area, you will need to change it to a text field.
Note: "Long Text Area" field types are not automatically excluded based on field type alone. "Long Text Area" fields are only excluded if they exceed the 4096 character limit. For more information, see Errors during extract.


The issue can be caused by one of the following: 
  1. The field exists in a different table than originally thought. Fields in can be referenced across several tables.
  2. The field is defined as a formula in
  3. The field is defined as Long Text Area in
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