Rounding Numbers Up to the Next Integer

Published: 16 Jun 2014
Last Modified Date: 02 Jan 2019


How to round numbers up to the next integer.


Tableau Desktop


  1. Create a calculated field that finds the last digit of the number. For example: FLOAT(RIGHT(STR([Amount]),1)). In this case 1.2 will return a value of 2. 
  2. Create an IF statement that uses this amount, and then adds the number necessary to round up to the next whole number:
    If [Last Digit In Field] > 0 Then [Amount] + ((1 - [Last Digit In Field]*.1))
    Else [Amount]

Additional Information

Tableau 10.3 also has CEILING() and FLOOR() functions that can solve this type of calculations without needing to do string conversions.

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