Regular Expression Replacement Returns Unexpected Results When Using Pattern '.*'

Published: 06 Sep 2023
Last Modified Date: 08 Sep 2023


The results of the calculation using the REGEXP_REPLACE function are expected to be [0] instead, the result is [00] when the characters are ".*".

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  • Tableau Prep Builder
  • Tableau Desktop
  • Regular Expression


Please consider using the below patterns to make replacements.

Option 1

Replace '. *' with '. +'.
Sample calculation:
REGEXP_REPLACE([String],'.+', "0")
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Option 2

Add a mark for the beginning of the line and change it to '^. *'.
Sample calculation:
REGEXP_REPLACE([String],'^.*', "0")
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Please also check the packaged workbook located in the Attachments section of this article for an example.


This is the expected behavior for regular expressions.

You can check any other regular expression tester online, and the results will be the same as Tableau.
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