Amazon Redshift Metadata Loads Slowly

Published: 22 Jul 2014
Last Modified Date: 29 Sep 2016


When you connect to Amazon Redshift from Tableau Desktop 8.2, the "Loading Metadata" process might take a long time.


  • Tableau Desktop 8.2
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Windows


Option 1

  1. Download and install the PostgreSQL (64-bit) drivers from the Tableau Drivers & Activation page.
    Note: Do this even if you downloaded the 64-bit PostgreSQL drivers from this page in the past. This will ensure you have the latest drivers.
  2. Upgrade to Tableau Desktop 8.2.2 or a later version. For more information, see Upgrading Tableau Desktop in the Tableau Knowledge Base.

Option 2

  1. Follow the steps in the article The Connection to the Database Is Dropped in AWS Documentation to modify the maximum transmission unit (MTU) size on the computer running Tableau Desktop.
  2. Restart your network adapter.


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