Receiving Tableau Bridge Errors While Refreshing Extract After Upgrading Tableau Desktop

Published: 21 Jan 2016
Last Modified Date: 20 Jul 2023


After upgrading Tableau Desktop to match the Tableau Cloud version, Tableau  Bridge (Sync Client) fails to refresh extracts with the following errors:

"Could not refresh the data source. If the issue persists, contact Tableau…"
"Incorrect user name or password for this data source. Confirm that you have the appropriate permissions and re-enter your credentials"
"Errors occurred while trying to load the data source <>. The load was not able to complete successfully. The file was created by a newer version of Tableau. Please contact Tableau Software to upgrade your version."


  • Tableau Bridge (formerly Sync Client)
  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Cloud


​Try the following workaround options:

Option 1

Disable, exit, and restart Tableau Bridge (Sync Client) 
  1. If Tableau Bridge is running as a service (Run Continuously), select the Bridge menu button and select Run only when logged on.
  2. Select the Tableau Bridge menu and select Exit.
  3. Restart Tableau Bridge from the most recent version of Tableau Desktop. 
  4. If preferred, re-enable the Run Continuously mode.

Option 2 

Unlink and reconfigure Tableau Bridge (Sync Client) 
  1. Right-click on the Tableau Bridge taskbar icon.
  2. Click Unlink Tableau Bridge (Sync Client).
  3. Right-click on the Tableau Bridge taskbar icon and select Sign Out.
  4. Open the new version of Tableau Desktop.
  5. Click on Server > Start Tableau Bridge (Sync Client).
  6. Reconfigure data sources to refresh using Tableau Bridge (Sync Client). 


The problem occurs when installing a new major version of Tableau Desktop while Bridge (Sync Client) is running (for example, using version 9.0 and installing version 9.1). If  Bridge (Sync Client) is not unlinked, it will restart the wrong version of the client after a computer reboot.

Additional Information

To verify which version of Tableau Bridge (Sync Client) is running:
  1. Login to the computer running Tableau Bridge (Sync Client).
  2. Open the Task Manager window.
  3. Click the Processes tab.
  4. Right-click the TabOnlineSyncClient.exe and select Properties.
The General tab will display the file location to identify what version of Tableau Bridge (Sync Client) is running. For a deeper analysis, the Details tab will display the specific file version being used.

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