Range of Values Filter Does Not Update When Range of Data In View Changes

Published: 27 Jul 2017
Last Modified Date: 11 Jan 2018


The end value of a range of values filter does not change when the data present in the view changes. For example, if the end of the range is 1000, and then the data in the view changes so that the highest value is 800, the end of the range will still be 1000.



Tableau Desktop


  1. Right-click the measure on the Filters shelf and select Show Filter.
  2. Open the filter options from filter in the view (click drop down)
  3. Select 'Only Relevant Values'
  4. Reopen options and select Customize > Show Null Controls
  5. Select 'Non-Null Values Only' from new option on filter
Note: The end values of the range will only update if the drop down says "Non-Null Values Only". Once the range of the filter has been changed, the drop down will default to "Values in Range" and it will be necessary to change the drop down back to "Non-Null Values Only".


By default, the end of a range of values filter is set when the filter is added to the view.
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