RANDOM() Function Produces Inconsistent Results

Published: 22 May 2015
Last Modified Date: 21 Oct 2019


When using the RANDOM() function in a calculation, results might not be consistent.


Tableau Desktop 


Use the method for generating pseudo-random numbers outlined in Random Number Generation in the Tableau Community.



The RANDOM() function is not an official feature of Tableau Desktop, and may be deprecated in the future. It is not tested, supported or recommended for general use.


Additional Information

  • The RANDOM() function does not produce reliable results for analytic tasks, due to its interaction with other queries and the data cache.
  • The RANDOM() function in its current form is useful to developers for testing a limited number of other functions. 
  • As RANDOM() is not an official feature, and was never intended for general use, it is not documented in the Online help or listed in the Create Calculation dialog. 

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